Saturday, 26 July 2014

Well what did I buy?

Here's a pic of the small stash of items from Bendigo Wool Show.  I had a helper very eager to sniff all the purchases too lol.

The two coloured braids at the back are corriedale,  and the lighter one in the middle is a merino.  Beautiful colours!  The other items are white and grey Gotland, a ball of Romney, Norwegian, and Polwarth.  Some are soft like merino and others a little stronger or a higher micron.  Going to be fun planning little projects for these.  The reds braid is almost finished on the wheel and I might put it with some cream alpaca.  Not sure yet will have to think about it while I finish spinning the last little bit.

I also ordered these gorgeous little Jack Russell stitch markers from America via etsy.  They are very adorable and as we love this breed of dog I thought they were worth the $20AUD. 

I finished off the rolags and have set two skeins of this blend and they are almost dry.  Looking great but very different than I imagined.  That's the light greens and browns (saltmarsh and logwood) that I dyed and blended with some angelina.  Need a nice sunny day to take some pics of the finished product.

 Lastly I have been working on this and have just started on the second ball since this pic was taken.  A very nice knit for a thick and thin single!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lance and I had a wonderful day here yesterday and I am already salting away todays leftover money for next year!  Yes believe it or not there was a significant amount of change lol.  Lets just say next years admission for two adults and a car is covered $50.

I did come home with fluff which I will share later as I haven't taken a pic yet.  Mine is fairly basic compared to everyone else's gorgeously huge bundles.  But then again I have put in a bid on an Ashford Traveller wheel on eBay for $100 so hopefully this time next weekend I will be traveling to Kilmore to pick it up!  Tried a double treadle version yesterday and it went like a dream! 

Now I didn't take these pics but borrowed them from some fibre facebook friends. 

Charlie of Ixchel bunny fame - her spinning fibres are to die for....

IxCHeL Yarns & Fibres's photo.
IxCHeL Yarns & Fibres's photo.

Yipeeeee :D

So much fun to be had in the flower shed at Bendigo sheep and wool show! Come see us!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

That finished beanie posted off.

This is the alpaca/merino beanie I sent off with the socks and beanie order a few weeks back.  All received by their new owners and paid for.  Got to love that!  Must admit I was a bit nervous doing it lol.

Whoops.  Forgot to fold up the band lol.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Tea cosy

There is a bit of a competition going at the local library and as no one has entered one for Echuca branch we were asked to do a few.  Apparently another branch has three already.  So I have made a small one in crochet and am working on the larger one at the moment.  I am not really in love with those leaves so will find a better pattern and use a smaller than required hook and see what happens.

Not sure what is happening with my camera but they are not quite as bright as the pic suggests lol.  Maybe if the sun comes out I will have a better picture of the one I am working on at the moment.  It will be my entry as this one is just a prototype.

I can see these being a bit of an addiction too as I will try and use up the acrylic wool I bought to do them with.  About 4 hours work plus construction is a pretty quick result.  Hate working with acrylic normally but this lot was nice and soft.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Lace weight merino sample

Not the best pic but you get the idea.  It is approximately 28 WPI (wraps per inch) in a 2 ply construction.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

School holidays are almost over.....

and what did I achieve on my long list of wants.  Not much.  The desire on non busy days was to rip out the back shed and seal around the edges where the slab met the walls.  Not really a desire but I was strangely motivated to attack it.  3 whole days!!!!  Must have been mad lol.   I put everything back and then decided to remove a couple of little cabinets that were there when we moved in so needed to bolt together some more metal shelving.  Picked the coldest, dampest few days to do it in too but it is almost done.  Just the back wall to do but it can wait a bit as I will need some help lifting and shifting a couple of things.  Lance will be on holidays in a few weeks.  Plus I need the slab dry to seal the remaining wall and it is on the shady side.  See I do other things apart from woolly stuff. 

Oh and I am also halfway through pruning roses!  Mine are almost done and I will attempt to get Mum and Dad's done over the next week too.

Speaking of wooly stuff lol the Australian Sheep and Wool Show starts next Friday!  Both Lance and I are looking forward to spending the day there looking at everything.  Going to be fantastic but probably freezing! 

I managed to finish a skein of that lovely light grey I am setting aside for a jumper once it is all spun up.  Also got a black through to grey roving spun up into a thick and thin single which surprisingly was balanced first go.  Apparently there are issues of too much twist etc in the thin areas and not enough in the thick.  I must have fluked it first go.

So what else.  Well I might just schedule some more posts to pop up over the next few days.