Friday 16 October 2015

FNSI tonight!

Excitedly remembered that it is the 3rd Friday of the month so am just about to pull out some stitching to do tonight now that I have signed up!  Results will be posted tomorrow morning...

Here's a pic of what I will be working on and hopefully tomorrow will show a lot of progress.

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Wool combs, socks, sock yarn blanket .........

Wool combs and hackle

Some new yarn for a shawl and some socks
from loveknitting

Today I sorted both stash boxes and updated a few photos as the new camera is much more accurate.  Added the last 6 lots of handspun and checked and renewed the moth traps.  No problems there but I did find some more yarn to add to the sock blanket stash.

More hand dyed mini's over the weekend and progress on the blanket.  Mitred square over 31 sts in stockinette using 2.25mm

These are my appointment socks as they are easy to work on away from home lol.  Plenty of time just sitting around waiting!  Just about to turn the heel on the second one.  Hopefully there will be some yarn left to add to the blanket!

Well there's been spinning and knitting, cooking and gardening ......... and lots of road trips between Echuca and Bendigo and Echuca and Geelong!  I need a holiday lol