Saturday, 29 August 2015

More in the shop and some other things ....

Just done a shop update from last Sunday's dyeing and there will be another next weekend too from what I achieved yesterday which is now drying out in the sun even though it is a cool day outside.  SO the first three are sock blends and the remaining four are 22 micron merino roving.

I have knitted on the sock yarn blanket quite a bit but will show it next time when I have a lot more squares on it.  But I did manage to finish a shawl for the Sheppardess and Teggle Tots SAL on facebook.  Spun from the Ixchel bunny Smaug batts from late last year.  SO smoochy.  Its still drying but there is a lot of bling there too.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Yes I'm still here ....

Sock yarn skeined up into small lots and hand dyed for a cosy memories blanket.  

Fondant fibre fuzzlings all spun up along with some left over bobbins plyed to make some more minis for blanket.

My first ever knitted and blocked shawl!  Check out ravelry for pattern details.  Link in side bar to my project page. (I hope lol)

 Fondant fibre and grey alpaca!

 Merino handdyed and spun by me.

Beersheba's beautiful romney merino cross fleece!

Hand dyed sock blend.

Stray cat sock yarn (etsy purchase some time ago)

 Knits up lovely.  Vanilla latte socks with a new to me heel flap called eye of partridge.

Navajo Churro Bunny Top from Ixchel bunny!  Finally spinning it up and hoping for lace weight when plyed and washed.

 Handspun merino poll dorset cross in natural and some colours.
 Same fleece as above combed into beautiful fluffy clouds using my valkyrie viking wool combs.

Polworth/silk blend destined to become another shawl.

Colleen's beautifully hand dyed corriedale roving spun by me.  Mostly navaho plyed as I didn't like it done with a mustard coloured single which you can see a little of on one end.

These two are also dyed by Colleen and spun thick and plyed with a thin mustard corriedale.

I've been spinning and knitting and sorting and prepping and have decided that I will start hand dying and selling sock yarn through my Etsy store when the bare wool arrives.  I am also going to offer up merino roving in the near future too.  It is so tempting to keep everything that I spin but I can't knit it all lol.  So over the next few months I will be adding to my shop and try to promote it more.