Sunday, 29 March 2015

Dyeing Day

Yesterday Mum came over and instead of a spinning day we had a dyeing day as I am all set up for it here with the gas burner on the bbq and also the microwave and all the dyes in the shed.

While cooking batches for a jumper lot on the bbq we dyed up some light fawn alpaca I had in the shed for her and also ran about a kilo of white corriedale through the microwave method so that she has loads of colours to play with!

You should see the gorgeous colours of the lot in the first two photos once the sun hit them!  Stunning!

So while that was going on yesterday and again today I am popping through 3kgs of mixed grey merino using landscapes red ochre.  I thought yesterday when Mum brought over all the fleece with so many dark grey bits through it that the colour would not take in it would be horrid.  Well after 200gms as a test it was decided that it would be perfect to be carded up together and make a long cardigan for Mum and a jumper for Dad.  Mum has just developed a liking for her drum carder as I don't have the time to card it all up for her like I used to lol.  She might have to card me up a sock lot lol!

It was still damp in these pics but it is a little more on the red side than brown.  Must see if I can get a better photo later.

I have also had two projects off the needles which I still haven't blocked yet.  Will get to it and come back and share some pics later in the week.  Going to be in the 30's for the next few days so will be perfect for blocking out my newest scarf!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Laundry reno's

Well the laundry has come together quite nicely after having to claim water damage to the flooring and a few appliances were also covered.  Still waiting on my cupboard but hopefully that will be here within the next few weeks.  That's the trouble when one small cabinet needs to be made from the only reliable cabinet makers here.

So I have done curtains and shelf edging, new taps and toilet as well as repainting all the trimmings again after the floors had to be ripped up and replaced.  I'm pretty happy with it all now.

So there was a bit more sewing done for the curtains and edgings.  I have also replaced the foam padding and covers on the kitchen chairs so everything is coming together nicely.

Thursday, 26 March 2015


I received some more linens to add to my collection a couple of weeks ago.  I have spent a fair amount of time getting them soaked, washed and some repaired too.  These are all new and I can see that I am going to have to really sort out my linen chest so that I can fit them in.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

FNSI results

Hello everyone,

I spent some time last night making a project bag for putting some small knitting WIPS in.  I have also cut put another 4 in this size and drew up another pattern for a tiny one suitable for storing some notions in.  Great little project and with was all cut out and made within 90 mins.  The fabrics I used were 'wishes' by Sweetwater for Moda.  Not sure how long this range has been out as I only picked it up earlier this week with some linen and I just used good quality calico to line them.

Had better work out a few more different designs to put on the other 3 bags lol and get sewing again.

I am also within an inch of getting the dreaded charcoal/black jacket finished so then I can get back to knitting some other things and actually do some spinning.  Have been missing it.

Off to see what others have done now.

Friday, 20 March 2015

FNSI tonight!

Yay I am geared up for some sewing tonight with the FNSI girls!  Will drop back in tomorrow afternoon with some pics of the results!
Join in over at

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


This is a video of our daughter Grace who performed at the Echuca Winter Blues and Roots festival last year.   Grace is playing the uke and sings solo's throughout.  She would love some feedback please.


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Solar Dyeing

A few weeks back I decided to have a go at solar dyeing some roving in a jar which had water, vinegar and colour added to it along with some merino roving.  As the dye needs heat to set it the jars were left sealed out in the hot sun until the water in the jars went clear.  I am very happy with the results which I achieved.

Gradually dipped this roving into the dye bath.

laid the roving side by side in the container and poured over mixed dye solution to achieve this one.

Randomly placed this roving in the container but still poured the dye solution over each third.

Here they are just sitting in the sun.  I ran out of big glass jars so just used a small plastic container but covered the water/fibre mix with gladwrap and then popped the lid on.