Saturday, 26 April 2014

Knitting and crochet!

I've finally finished knitting the men's socks from the blue and grey merino I spun up not long after learning which is actually 12 months today!  Certainly gone quick.  There is some blurry photos of them and the other items I am going to wash and block to give to Deb while she is visiting for a couple of days next week.  Much nicer than just posting them over as they don't know they are getting them either.

Doesn't look like I have done much since the last update but I have skirted 3 lambs fleeces, washed them along with a grey alpaca saddle which is now a lovely white lol and flick carding a lovely light silver grey corriedale and spinning it in the grease.  Dirty work but I will be back with photos of that when I nearly have it all done.  Going to be a while as it was a 2kg fleece with next to no grass and burrs to be seen!  Still fascinates me how such a dirty smelly fleece and turn out.  

So with nothing left on needles or hooks I pulled out the balls of sunset rolags I spun up and made this crochet scarf yesterday while watching the Anzac Day ceremonies on tv.

The fibre muster is on in Echuca this weekend so Mum and I were there nice and early this morning.  Lots of lovely things to see and could have spent a small fortune.  I now have some more tussah silk I have been waiting on so can spin up another 50gms and get the 'owl' colourway plied off with it.  Also picked up a nice book and some angelina in two different colours to pop away for my birthday next month.  I am saving up to hopefully attend the Bendigo Sheep and Wool show this year.  A lot of the people on the facebook fibre forum are going to it to either sell on stalls or to show their fleeces and sheepies.  Will make up my mind when I see the weather on the day lol.  Not going if it is horrid!

So better get those socks blocked and then do some nice relaxing spinning.  The poor wheel hasn't been touched since a week before my cold!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Now what was I going to achieve over the Easter break....

dying some of the merino lamb that I washed and skirted over the first week of the holidays, finishing the second men's sock in blue/grey that I spun up ages ago, flick card a gorgeous pale grey corriedale fleece to spin in the grease!  Did I achieve anything sadly not although I did get half a bobbin of the fleece done.  Horrible head colds have a lot to answer for lol.  I did spend 3 days laying around watching dvds and finished one of Sarah's novels yesterday.  Surely it cant hang around much longer!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and who wants to come and mow my lawns!  Thats another thing that should have been done lol.  It can wait a bit longer now.