Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Well I am very pleased with the front garden as it is looking and smelling amazing.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Santa Sack Swap

Well here's a pic of the parcels that will be heading off to my partner as soon as she returns from holidays. 

I have scheduled a pic of the gifts for a few days after Christmas so you will have to pop back then.


Now for a pictorial update on what I have been doing.  Must also go and update the OPAM list as there have been some finishes too.

 These two crochet scarves are made from the leftovers from the jelly dyed sock wool.

 This yarn was a bit of a flop but might knit up into a wrap quite nicely.  I used some cotton thread to which I had threaded clear beads but once the skein was washed it reacted differently than I anticipated.
 This one is white alpaca plyed with mottled grey merino.  Very pleased.

 Washed up two baby merino lamb fleeces.  Staple length is an average of 1.5" so will need to hit the drum carder to make some lovely soft batts.

 Mottled grey merino all washed up and ready to go.
 On my drying rack I have a white merino x poll dorset and across the front are some older wool rovings from the Bendigo Woollen Mills which have been dyed with Gaywool dyes.  Logwood, pumpkin and silver birch.

A new wheel

Now for the princely some of $50 and a drive to Clunes, I have a lovely old Ashford Traditional wheel.  Here's some before and after shots after I have oiled and waxed her.

So now to get a repair kit and some more bobbins and a bit of tinkering to work out the tension etc. and away I go.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

An update

There has been some progress on Lance's socks.  I have this set finished and another well underway.  I thought I would keep knitting this wool until I run out so I will only have enough left for repairs down the track.  I am surprised at how many pairs I have from 150 grams of dyed tops plyed with black merino.  So the total will be three pairs!

While knitting on these I started the jelly dyed border leicester cross but Grace has found it too rough for her skin.  I find them very comfortable so I will have some nice thick bed socks and the remainder will become a scarf eventually.

So that meant we needed to go to Tongala so Grace could pick a colour for her socks.  She quite likes the merino blend as she was wondering around the house with one of Lance's socks on for a while lol.  Grace picked this lovely amethyst colour and has enough for socks and a scarf.  While I was there I picked up Ply's Autumn magazine and also two packets of white sock blend that I will dye over the summer. 

On Wednesday, which was cool and very windy, I went off to the Elmore Field Days and caught up with Colleen who had a stall.  Purchased this lovely bag of merino which she had dyed so it will either be some grey socks or perhaps a scarf/shawl arrangement.   Now I am just waiting on a white border leicester fleece and the fibre collection will be complete for quite some time.  Unlike fabric you have to get the raw fleeces at shearing time before you miss out.

Probably have another 40 mins spinning left on this before I can start a bobbin of brown to ply with it.  Yes more sock wool for Lance lol. 

Now Lance also bought me home this gorgeous little set and would you believe the saucer was actually broken right down the middle!  Can't tell since I fixed it.

I have also completed all my items for the Christmas swap and will hopefully get them wrapped up and posted over the next two weeks.  Yes my partner and I decided to send them when we completed them to avoid the Christmas madness lol.  I have already received mine and they are beautifully wrapped.  Can't wait until Christmas morning to see what is inside them.