Saturday, 15 February 2014

Ok don't fall over but I have another post.....

I have set myself some goals before I sit down to watch a dvd and spin today.  I had to get all the ironing done from last week lol (it was too hot to do it), tidy away a few crafty odds and ends, get 3 loads of washing completed and hung out and make Tess a car seat thingy so that she can't fall onto the floor.  Well it is all done now and here are the results.  Plus it was raining a little when I got up this morning so the back verandah is now covered in washing lol.  Don't care as long as this lot doesn't get smoked out again.

The hat is one of two that I completed this week.  It was the leftovers of the merino/suri/silk blend from the crochet wrap I did earlier.  Looks totally different knitted up.  All used up now with a little left if there ever needs to be a mend made.  One has gone straight to Mum as she loved it when she seen it yesterday.  SO now there is nothing on my needles and only those crochet squares to work on.  Might start a doogie coat tonight after tea. 

So I think I can now get the wheel going and finish off the camel blend and another bobbin which is almost full of alpaca which I want to add beads/sequins to.  Going to be a very productive day!  Fingers crossed.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Sock wool

Well I have just finished a huge skein of sock wool over 200gms of rolags spun up very thinly and plyed off together yesterday.   I'm very pleased with it.

I have also received some packs of fiber in the mail earlier in the week that I am looking forward to playing with on the blending board.  There is rose, angora (rabbit) and llama fibers plus some sparkle stuff called angelina which adds some bling.

So the next lot to go on the wheel is another new to me blend for the latest comp.  Camel is the one I haven't tried before but from what went on the bobbin in about 20 mins it is going to be a dream to spin and is so soft.  Might ply it off with a soft blue/grey merino.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Blending and spinning

Made these rolags up on the blending board with some nylon added.  Both of which was part of my haul from the woollen mills in Bendigo.  I have almost finished spinning up 100gms of the blended rolags which will then be plyed with the plain tops that match. 

Last week I finished the machine wash/bamboo singles bobbin and plyed it off with some Sulky silk thread in mauve.  Looks fantastic and I have 150gms.