Sunday, 9 November 2014

Spinning update

While working on more of the white jumper lot I also finished off these.

Bendigo Woollen Mills merino/bamboo blend with mohair and English leicester.  Dyed by me!

Ixchel bunny top with Bison, angora, baby camel, cashmere, merino, tencel plyed with grey alpaca.

Spin in at Benalla

Well I had a wonderful time at Wendy's farm with a visit to the shearing shed, alpacas and of course the sheep.  It was a very warm day so we stayed inside to spin and talk and enjoyed the view of the hills through the window.  I didn't think to take a camera with me so I am sharing some photos that others have taken.  Really looking forward to the next one which might not be until March next year.

Ixchel Club Fibre

The two fibre clubs I joined arrived a couple of weeks ago and I spent last Saturday spinning them up while enjoying a spinning day with my Mum and over the remainder of this week before heading off to a spin in over at Benalla yesterday.  More on that later.

Fibre content:  angora, stainless steel, silk, eco merino, rose, suri, silk, hemp, cashmire and angelina

Fibre content: eco merino, cashmere, glitz, suri, silk, angora and alpaca

At the moment they are still singles and will need to be plyed with something else.  I am thinking a blend of grey merino and grey alpaca for both.  Both the batt and the braid had lots of bling in them and while I loved spinning both I am happier with the braid as the other has spun up more 'arty' than I was expecting due to lots of sari silk threads and neps in the middle of the batt.  It is gorgeous and soft but very different.  But that is the reason behind joining in the clubs over three months because they will be completely different to what I normally would spin and also experiencing different fibres as sometimes it is the fibre that dictates how thick or thin or how much twist etc you need to use as I thought initially I would be able to spin the batt as a thin single rather than the thickish one I have ended up with.