Saturday, 29 September 2012

Photo update

I've pulled out the small hexagon project again and have spent the last few days sewing together and making more hexies too.  Now I am up to glueing more hexies so I can get sewing again.

I have also preped a couple of felt projects after getting some patterns enlarged.

This is the panel I worked on for FNSI last week. 

Here's Tess still in bed at 10am lol.  Mind you we have been out for a walk early and she ended up back in bed!  Tess  turned one on the 16th too.

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Well Friday was FNSI and I worked on the 'my family' quilt embroidery.  Even had take away for tea that night lol.  No pics to share of it yet as we have been having internet connection problems since Friday night and have only just rectified the issue.  Have borrowed a spare modem from my brother to get it working again and will have to get a new modem/router sometime soon.  I'll share photos when I have a bit more done on them later in the week.  School holidays have started and its sewing and fence painting this week.

Friday, 14 September 2012


A big thankyou to all those that took the time to comment on my last posts.  I deleted the emails before I could respond to everyone's kind words about my quilts and knitting. 

This week I have not achieved as much knitting and sewing as I was hoping for lol but did get the front of Lance's jumper finished last night and also the last of the stitcheries have been framed with their fabric pieces for the family quilt.  Maybe I can either start a sleeve or do some stitchery tonight and here and there over the weekend. 

Today, after ordering and painting timber yesterday, my father is coming over to help with the massive task of pulling the pickets off the front fence and replacing the railing behind which is rotten as I found out on Wednesday while trying to replace some broken ones.  That will allow me time to paint the blasted thing over the school holidays as the pickets need a lot of prep work done this time thanks to sitting in floodwater for a few days.  But it does look like the paint will just peel off the bottoms of 95% of them lol.  I really am not looking forward to undercoating and two top coats but then it should stay in good condition for the next 15 years before I need to do it all again lol.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

What did I do today .......

well apart from the mundane jobs like shopping, washing and vac'ing,  I walked the doogie and took my mum over to a quilt/flower show at our church.   It it was still a bit windy and cool here today so I pulled out the Lily and Will quilt top and cut and pinned the borders on ready for handstitching.  They are 1" hexagons all handsewn together from a few jelly rolls.  I haven't had this one out for quite a while and I really love how it has come together.

This one I finished into a quilt top and cut all the bindings as well.  It started life this morning as stitchery blocks with the borders around them so I just had to lay them out, sew together and cut and add borders.
So I now need to organise wadding and backing for them.  Then it will be time to work out how I am going to quilt them.

Tomorrow I hope to be able to sew a few more panels of the 'family' quilt together.  I am wanting to change a few elements around so would be good to do while the table is set up.

New books and felt

On Friday we had to go to Bendigo again so I dropped into L'il Blokes in View Street, Honeysuckle patchwork in Havilah Road and Spotlight.  Well the books came from Li'l Blokes along with the green felts, the other colours came from Honeysuckle and they are 100% wool.  Had a wonderful time looking around both shops and could have spent a fortune lol.

Now Fiona contacted me and offered to send some felt she had made and swapped with others a while back and look at all the gorgeous colours I have.  Fiona also had some great ideas to shrink wool blankets and garments too.  There is a little thankyou and some fat quarters heading her way on Monday.  Sorry no photo Fiona lol but I hope you get a lovely surprise by about Thursday.

Knitting update

Here's the front of Lance's jumber just about finished.  Only two moss stitch sleeves to go.

The lace scarf is travelling well also.  I quickly blocked the bottom bit to make sure it was knitting up nicely.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Farmer' Wife blocks

I enjoyed sewing these blocks together yesterday but can see a couple that will have to be tweeked a bit lol.  I think it is because they are such tiny pieces and i have finger pressed them rather than use the iron.  I think I should go back to ironing them.  Mind you the photo editing I tried doesn't help with a few of them lol.  They have been cut out for quite some time ie before flooring was done so it was nice to just sit and sew at the machine for a couple of hours.  I might even get some more done today, fingers crossed, so that I can start cutting some more out.  But after a frost it looks like it is going to be a lovely spring day so might just end up out in the garden instead.

block 10

block 12

block 15

block 27

block 45

block 91

block 92

block 102

And the winner is ..........................

Radka you are the winner of the needlecase.  Can you please send me you postal address so I can pop it in the mail next week.