Saturday, 20 December 2014

Wow where has the time gone.....

Again things have managed to get away from me.  There has been next to no knitting to show as I have been either flat out with things or too tired to do any.  Hopefully things will improve now that I have had a procedure done to rectify some of it.

Lance and I also celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary at the end of November.  Went out for tea with the girls and had a lovely time.

Well there has been some more club fibre arrive and I have done some spinning of it as well.

These two have been spun up separately and plyed together.  Still to be skeined off and washed but very happy with it.  I have enjoyed the clubs surprise fibre over the last three months.  Sadly it is now at an end as I have decided not to sign up again just yet.  Mainly due to the amount of fibre which has been given to me this year in the way of free alpaca and merino cross coloured fleeces.

This lot has been overdyed with a pale blue/grey this morning and looks fantastic.  It is from the first club lot that arrived and I plyed it with some tussah silk leftover from another project.

Yet to be spun is this blend.  There is a batt and braid that match just like the smaug one above.  The braid is a lovely colourway.  Somehow I have neglected to take a pic of it but this photo doesn't do it justice.

I have also finished spinning and dyeing one lot of sock wool from Shropshire sheep. There is a few more lots to be done which will end up as work socks for Lance.  The wool spun from these sheep is nowhere near as soft as merino but it is equally as warm and thick and much more harder wearing for the inside of boots.

Plus I have begun to wash up all those gifted fleeces now that it is a lot hotter and the vege garden is really taking off too.

Sarah, our eldest, has had her graduation and very successfully completed her VCE exams with excellent results.  So in about 6 years time we will all be able to call her Dr Sarah lol.  Masters in Psychology with a PhD at the end of it is going to be a very long haul but one that she will thrive in as Sarah has the brains and dedication to do well.

Grace has also just begun Year 11 and will complete over the next 12 months a Vet course in music. Grace is looking at music therapy or something animal related and absolutely loves biology.  

We have also had two sneaky snakes.  One that I managed to nearly step on twice in two days!  In thongs.  Haven't seen them since buying big gumboots and putting shovels at both the front and back door.  They either fell off a havester going through town or perhaps even travelled up from the river nearby.  Either way they are the first we have seen in 17 years and believe me when I say it took me three weeks before I would garden or walk through the garden area to turn on a tap without the gumboots and shovel.  Pretty relaxed about it now but I do keep a very close eye on things.

Here's a couple of Christmas things my mum has made for us.  There is a lovely wall hanging too which I will share next time.

Also just finished off laying some flooring in the laundry/toilet area myself ready for the washing machine to empty all over it and out onto the kitchen floor!  Yes here comes another lot of work through should have heard me last Saturday when the machine was no longer filling the bowl but filling the aircon vent in the floor!  Fixed that pretty quickly and had aircon after 30 mins but now I am waiting for a new machine, vac, bread maker, large toast/grill and a cupboard to be replaced along with the flooring fixed.  I never run a wash while out of the house for a very good reason and this is why.  If I hadn't been home it would have continued to run water until it was shut off.  Imagine the mess then and definitely no air con as it is under the floor!

Well after reading all this I suppose I have achieved a lot in my days but just don't really have much to show on here lol.  I think it is about time I did some blog visiting too to see what you have been up to too.

So I will say Merry Christmas everyone and have a happy, healthy New Year!