Sunday, 26 August 2012

Needlecase and a giveaway

Well Friday afternoon turned out to not be a very good for gardening so I cut out and sewed up these cute little needlecases from my felt collection.  Only very basic stitches used but I really enjoyed making them.

Apart from these I have been working on Lance's jumper and my alpaca scarf is also growing slowly. 

They are from 'Handmade' vol 30, no 6 and designed by Jan Knight. 

Now for the giveaway.  I would like to give one of these away and all that is required is a post saying you would be interested in entering and I will do the draw on 1st September.  Open to everyone no matter where you live.

Cabinet and new plates

Well it took me a while but I have finally finished putting things in the cabinet but will probably need to sort through the middle shelf again and thin things out a bit.  I think I might just have to have a box of it packed into the shed and swap things over every now and again lol.   A friend also came across some more old plates recently too.

Monday, 20 August 2012


Well our girls are doing an eggcellent job at the moment with even one of the newest girls starting to lay.  The speckled sussex has just started and she has white eggs which are small at the moment like a bantam egg but will get much bigger as she develops.  I expect the other two will be starting within the next 6 weeks too as they are a fair bit younger.  Omlettes tomorrow night yum!

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Well after a trip to Bendigo today with one daughter, I decided to have a look for felt in Spotlight to no avail.  They had plenty of felt just the really bright colours, some big spots and also some sparkly ones.  Well walked out a little disappointed but on the return back into town I dropped into Teddyworks and found exactly what I wanted.  Arn't they gorgeous.  whoops - i meant li'l blokes on View Street


Well I had a very productive FNSI last night working on the panels for the 'our family' quilt.  I finished the teddy/baby block off last night and completed the heart and bluebirds at the top too!  I'm blanket stitching the blocks rather than needleturn and am so far very happy with it. 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


For those of you who use wool felt in your projects, is there a reliable online source.  I cant access it here locally and dont tend to do very much in the way of online shopping.  Any reliable websites that you use personally would be appreciated.  I am mainly looking for some wool felt as the colours in the acrylic I have managed to find are not that very nice at all, but am open to other suggestions for threads etc too.


Its on again this Friday night yay!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

New chickens

 Here's the new chickens - speckled sussex, golden laced wyandotte, light sussex

 Grace took a gorgeous pic of Merlin and Tess this morning too

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Not much to share

I'm afraid that there isnt a whole lot to share from the last couple of weeks but that is all about to change tomorrow.  

I have been busy in the garden, a little bit of knitting, reading my gardening books etc.  and catching up on blogs too.

I have also just picked up some more chickens.  Three gorgeous young girls.  Two are Sussex - speckled mahogany and light,  and the other is a golden laced wyandotte.  They are settling in and I'll have to take some pics when the weather is better.  They are all so pretty and will keep us in eggs for years longer than a cross bred Isa brown could.

Well fingers crossed there might actually be something substantial to share next weekend as I think next Friday is also the FNSI.