Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Now for an update.

It feels like there has not been a lot happening but I have finished off another two skeins of the fairy floss wool and also nearly finished off another pair of socks for Lance.  Once they are off the needles then it will be some socks for Grace.  Sarah has elected not to have woolly socks sadly. 

The crochet jacket has not seen a lot of work but the back is finished and I have done a fair bit of one of the fronts.
I might actually get some done on this at knitting group as I might just need Lance's foot to measure those socks before casting them off.

Last week I also managed to get my hands on a copy of the first Ply magazine and have enjoyed reading it.  Its American but not as full of ads as Spinoff magazine.  I also made up a heap of batts ready for spinning from some of the tops I dyed ages ago and blended them with bits of alpaca and kid mohair.  Must finish up those tops that are currently on the wheel before delving into this box. 

Basically it is more sock wool lol.  Some will be for xmas so had better get moving on them.

I also hemmed up some new lace curtains for our lounge too.  At a bargain price too lol free!

I've missed having lace at the windows.

Well it is a busy morning for me today and then knitting group after lunch so had better get organised!

And the winner is..........

Jindi's cottage!  You have won the bag handles.  Could you please email me your details.  Thanks.

Sunday, 8 September 2013


I had a lovely day on Friday with Lance home and also with my Friday night friends.

I worked on plying off two skeins of this ongoing spinning project.

Then did some stitching on this.

During the week I missed my Wednesday knitting group but did some knitting related shopping instead.  Mum's order from came in so I took her over to pick it up.  It is a fantastic little shop with something different every time I visit.   So I came away with this bag of tops which should look fantastic for some more Lance socks mixed with the chocolate corriedale.

I have also spun these jelly dyed batts up and they look fantastic.

I have another lot to go so should end up with two large balls of sock wool to knit up for Grace and myself.

I have also finished the back of my crochet jacket and am about to start the fronts.

Now I have a bit of a giveaway too.  If you would like a set of these Sullivan's bag handles please let me know in your comment and I will enter you into the draw.  I will draw the lucky winner on Friday morning.